Freedom Platform™ Wordpress Master

The Freedom Platform™ Wordpress Master must be:

  • Loving the idea of the Freedom Platform™ 
  • *MUST NOT BE* negative & argumentative all the time
  • Full time Wordpress professional and this is your main source of income
  • Excited to make training videos & PDFs
  • Able to design and create most any Freedom Shell under <1hr
  • Prompt w/response & meets deadlines
  • Can see themselves working working in the same field 2-5 years from now 
  • Loves the community members & making their lives easier
  • Filled with gratitude and is Thankful
  • Excited to do work and share ideas and asks for more.
  • Will stay on top of “All Things WordPress” and forewarn us of upcoming changes
  • using WP Extensively currently and for some time already
  • Great with customer service skills
  • Can recommend plugins already that they have used
  • Pleasant optimistic demeanor
  • Knows CSS/HTML
  • Knows of and would love to recommend other great people to the team
  • Enjoy researching & gives new ideas outside of being asked
  • [ Software ] – Mastering ALL the ADOBE softwares would be a great skill and give you an advantage however, we realize most people gravitate to a few they use “daily or regularly” but “know of” other ones. Please share with us on a 1-10 where your excitement and interest with the following softwares lie.

  • Photoshop – Knows very well uses on an fairly regular basis 
  • InDessign – Knows very well uses on an fairly regular basis
  • Illustrator – Knows very well uses on an fairly regular basis